• No need for capital and credit limit for vehicle purchasing.
  • All the expenses  like maintenance, repair, insurance, taxes, tire replacement etc. are included in the rental fee.
  • Rental fee is fixed. Easy to budget and controllable by including to cash flow.
  • Rental payments  are subject to expenses.
  • Paid VAT is deductible.
  • Vehicles’ second hand valuation and price risks are belong to Partner.


  • Partner listens to you, comprehends your needs and offers you the most appropriate solutions with their leasing experience.
  • There is no need to follow procedures like tax, insurance, tire replacement, maintenance, repair etc.
  • There is no need additional personnel for fleet management and control.
  • Vehicles receive high standard service in brand authorized services with genuine spare parts.
  • Vehicle tire replacements  and winter tire requests are provided by Partner.
  • In case of damage repair, Partner provides you replacement (courtesy) car.
  • There is no need for second hand valuation and selling at the end of rental period.
  • Partner would report on-line your vehicle park.

The Most Prestigious Way to
Operational Leasing!

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